Hi. My name is Niki. I like IM5 and Justin Bieber.


sextsfromhemmo asked
Share ten facts about yourself then pass this message onto ten of your newest followers. :)

1. eye color: green

2. height: 168 cm

3. birthday: 13 november

4. favorite band: IM5

5. favorite singer: Justin Bieber

6. I play guitar.

7. favorite computer games: all Tony Hawk games., Far Cry 1, 3., Need for Speed Most Wanted, Undercover., Slender., Battlefield 3,4., The Sims 3., Shaun White Skateboarding…

8. I collect posters: IM5, Justin Bieber (maybe One Direction)

9. favorite brand: DC, Supra, Beats, Garage Store

10. I used posters to replace other countries

elmopenderattoni asked
Hey, is it okay if I use your idea of incorporating the boys name into the logo for a shirt I'm making? :)

doesn’t matter :D

please  send me a picture of the shrit :D